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About Us

Formerly known as Controls Components Ltd., CCL was formed in 1966 by the principals of Frank W. Murphy Mfr. In December 2007 the management team at Controls Components Ltd. acquired CCL and changed the name to Custom Components & Logistics.

For over 40 years, the employees at CCL have been dedicated to quality, innovation, and customer service, providing component parts that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are an industrial metal fabrication shop located near Tulsa, Oklahoma. We offer metal fabricating services to customers in the Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Dallas areas. We serve customers across the United States. Please contact us to learn more. We may offer more affordable services than light fabrication shops in your area.

CCL Mission Statement

CCL manufactures turn-key custom component parts with consistency, accuracy and excellence. We are dedicated to quality innovation and customer service, while creating an environment of professional growth, opportunity, and support for every individual as we work toward the common goals of our organization.

CCL Core Values

Integrity – Be impeccable with your word.
We demonstrate honesty and trust in our interactions with all internal and external stakeholders. We ensure equitable treatment of all team members. We lead by example.
Teamwork – Never Take anything personally.
We believe that no one completely owns a work area or process all by him or herself. We recognize and value each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. We work with each other to better meet the needs of both internal and external our customers.
Commitment – Always do the best you can do.
We are committed to developing a credible, high performing and self-responsible team. We understand that our role/responsibility is the rendering of a SERVICE, so superior in the QUALITY of the product and its DELIVERY, that at no time can it be said that business was lost due to our failure.
Courage – Be skeptical but learn to listen. Do not make assumptions.
We take risk by thinking outside of the box of our comfortable, mundane “circle of habits”, remaining resolute in our culture to consistently hold firm our CORE Values in a changing world. We have the courage to disclose and embrace the facts.