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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you ISO certified?
A: Yes, we were certified to ISO 9001:2008 in 2006 and are currently certified to ISO 9001:2015 for manufacturing of precision sheet metal fabrications, tooling, metal stampings and machined components.
Q: Do you have available capacity?
A: We have available capacity both in terms of man-hours and available equipment. CCL schedules work to maximize the production flow throughout the shops. Small run jobs can be scheduled easily.
Q: What is your equipment capacity (dimensionally and hours/time)?
A: CCL can cut and form sheet metal up to ½ inch thick. We have MIG and TIG welding and are AWS certified. We can work with a variety of materials including carbon and stainless steel and aluminum. CCL has 3 and 4 axis mills with up to an 84 inch travel and lathes with up to 16 inch bore. We also have experience with steel and aluminum castings. Our stamping presses go up to 220 tons and we work with all metals including carbon and stainless steel, copper and other alloys. CCL has 50% additional availability.
Q: Is CCL a heavy or light fab shop?
A: We are a light fabricator. Our typical thicknesses and gauges are 20ga to 10ga or ¼ inch.
Q: What is your usual quote turnaround time?
A: We typically turn quotes around in 5 business days.
Q: What is your usual production lead times?
A: Lead times vary by shop and project. For sheet metal fabrication, lead times are 3 weeks if the product has no finish. An additional week is added for powder coating or other finishes. Metal stampings and machine shop lead times are usually 6 weeks depending on dies, tooling and fixtures. If tooling or fixtures are required, lead times are negotiated.
Q: Do you have design capability?
A: Yes, we offer in-house design capability for sheet metal fabrication, tools & dies fixtures and jigs. We work with a variety of AutoCAD programs and can reverse engineer a product to meet customer requirements. We design for manufacturability taking customer provided prints and ensuring the part will be made to specification consistently and repeatedly.
Q: Do you have NEMA rated products?
A: Yes, we have NEMA rated products