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Providing Custom Metal Fabrication and Custom Metal Products since 1966

“CCL’s reputation with us is one in which you are appreciated for your quality, responsive, fast delivery and the clarity of communications when working with us.” Purchasing director, aviation manufacturer

“I wish all my suppliers were like CCL! Thank you for your Amazing Customer Service!!” Procurement agent, energy company

“Very pleased with CCL. We are glad that we have the opportunity to work with you!” Materials manager, industrial equipment company

“It is obvious that your employees take pride in what they do. I can see it on their faces when I have had the opportunity to visit your shop.” Buyer, aircraft maintenance and repair company

“The team does a great job acknowledging our orders and invoices and is valued by us for your ability to clarify details and avoid miscommunications.” Mechanical Engineer, industrial products company

“Your communication to customers regarding the order status is outstanding.” Supply chain manager, oilfield products company

“I consider you friends. I can bring you a design out of a piece of cardboard, and you’re excited to see something new and work with me on it.” CCL Customer

“I chose you over the competition because you are so diverse at making things.” CCL Customer

“We have a great relationship with the people at CCL.” CCL Customer